Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hotel Review: Kozi Hotel (Danga Bay)

Kozi Hotel
08, Block 6, Danga Bay,
Jalan Skudai,
80200 Johor Bahru.
Tel : +607-2389001
Fax : +607-2389006
Room rates : MYR88 - MYR138
Free Wifi service at lobby

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad stay, but I wouldn’t say it’s a good stay also. If I had topped up the per night charges by a mere $50 Singapore Dollars, I would have gotten a stay in a 4-star hotel somewhere along Pantai Lido.

But anyway, the review, here goes.

Minus – When I called them to make a reservation, they said the hotel is in Danga Bay itself. When we reached Danga Bay, we couldn’t find it. Actually, it’s not in Danga Bay. It’s 5 minutes drive from Danga Bay.

Plus – We reached earlier than checking in time, but they helped us with providing us the earliest available room. In about ½ an hour to 45 mins, we got all our 5 rooms.

Minus – Room was amazingly SMALL. Even for the superior twin rooms. I mean I’m not asking for a huge space lah but at least a comfortable space to do our solat. In my room, when doing solat, I needed to take care of my butt not knocking the edge of a side table. In my cuzzin’s room, he had to watch his head so as to not knock against the edge of the writing table.

There’s no carpet on the floor. And they don’t provide extra bed/mattress. Book your extra pillows early, if not there are no pillows. Me and my sis had to sleep on my car cushions while the dad and mum used the hotel pillows.

Plus – the airconditioning worked fine. Tv was fine. Toilet was fine. Budget hotels usually need keys to open doors. This one uses an electronic card. The wallpapers in each room are nice. But website shows the room is wallpapered throughout. Bedek, only one wall is wallpapered.

Minus – Reception was a bit rude too. When I asked whether they have a musollah at ground floor, she said, “sembahyang kat bilik ah!” Yeah, as if your bilik is like a castle’s room. And there was no mention of where to get food and all that. Although there’s a restaurant beside the hotel, we only got to know of a better foodplace – Singgah Selalu – opposite the hotel when we asked.

Minus – No lift. We have to go up donno how many flights of stairs just to get to our room. For families with senior citizens suffering from leg problems, this hotel is a definite no-no.

Plus – They have no underground parking but the parking lots are just outside the hotel at the doorstep. From my room, I could see my car through my window.

Minus – this one takes it all. At night, I couldn’t sleep at all, because the hotel faces a huge road and you know what went on the whole of that Saturday night? Illegal motorcycle races, or the rempits. Walauwey, whole night ley! I was tired from the activities during the day. I thought I could sleep easy but no, the noise of motorcycles rempit-ing started at about 12am and it went on till about 3am. Till I couldn’t take it and swallowed two piriton pills and managed to doze off at donno what time. I know it’s not the hotel’s fault but when you have ears as sensitive as mine, you’ll understand how I feel. Hahahaha..!! What torture.

5 minus-es and 3 plus-es. You do your Maths. I don’t really recommend the hotel lah. Unless you are really on a tight budget and has kids who needs a bit of rest after the whole day activity at Danga Bay, I suggest you take the family room which is larger than then the superior twins room that I took. I would have taken the family room if not for the fact that all of it has been booked.

But in any case, I give my thumbs up to Danga Beach, Danga Themepark and Danga Zoo! The place is awesome. Especially the zoo. It’s hundred times better than Singapore Zoo coz you get close and personal with the little animals like rabbits, snakes and I even got to touch a tiger. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

Danga Beach
Nothing much, just walking along the waters of Pantai Lido. There's ferry ride and train ride you can take.

Danga Theme Park

The themepark starts their activities at 3pm onwards. The rides are more for little kids. But I still took the rollercoaster hahaha!! Rides can cost you RM4 to RM10.

Danga Petting Zoo

The zoo is the one to go to. It’s RM10 per adult but if you know how to negotiate, the front staff can give you discount. It’s worth the money I would say. There are shows at 8.30pm and 10.30pm so be sure to do your timing!

If you are lucky enough, you can touch the tiger, like I did! Hehehehe...!!

Danga Rumah Limas

And oh, I forgot to mention Rumah Limas. Rumah Limas is an area where you can get to see the different types of kampungs available in Malaysia. Like Kampung Muar, Kampung Alor Setar, Kampung Melaka, you know, the likes... But this one is good if you go in the day. We went at night and well, you know, kampung houses at night don't look that nice as they do in the day. They are no lights in the house, so sapa berani can open the door and peak inside ah. I didnt pull that stunt mwahahahaha...!!! This one is free entry.

Ok chiows!!

Ilal Liqaa…!!


  1. Big Minus :

    The night shift receptionist by the name of Fauzi is the most cockiest, rudest and 'kurang ajar' person I have ever met in my worldly travels.
    It's sad that this experience in front of my three children must come from my very own countryman.
    In terms of sustainable tourism, Malaysia Tak Boleh !

    Remember his name is Fauzi .

  2. dear anonymous,

    i didnt come across him during my stay. i encountered 2 female receptionist. one was rude but the night shift lady is ok, not that bad.

    i think this kind of behavior comes only in these kinds of budget hotels, I guess. I've stayed in starred hotels, and their services have been excellent.

    but in any case, starred or not, service must be in full-form. we are paying for them, arent we?

    thanks for your comments!